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Susanne Frohriep

Susanne Frohriep has been researching comfort and developing products at university and a range of companies in the field of vehicle interiors and seats for more than 25 years. Her focus has always been on optimizing the product-human interaction in its multiple interfaces. As a founding member of the International Comfort Congress, she very much enjoyed hosting the 2023 ICC in cooperation between the local university OTH and industry sponsor Grammer AG in the Amberg area.


NEIL Mansfield

Professor Neil Mansfield is Executive Dean of Research and International Reputation at Nottingham Trent University in the UK where he leads on developing international research partnerships. He works with many industries aiming to improve the comfort of transport systems, including on-road and off-road vehicles, aircraft, and marine transport. His research has included understanding the human response to noise and vibration, and how to design environments to reduce discomfort.  His work encompasses some extreme environments such as those found in military vehicles and on-board high-speed boats. As founding Head of the Department of Engineering at Nottingham Trent he led setting up research laboratories that can simulate vehicle environments, and an environmental chamber that can recreate the conditions found anywhere on the planet. He was a founding member of the International Comfort Congress Organising Committee, and hosted the online conference that was held in 2021.

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Anna West is a Comfort Scientist at W.L Gore & Associates in Munich, Germany. Working in Gore's fabric division, Anna draws the link between the testing and evaluation of Gore's world-renowned GORE-TEX fabric and products in the lab to the human experience of end-users in the real world. With a strong background in thermal and exercise physiology, her research spans clothing comfort and protection in environmental extremes to freedom of movement and next-to-skin sensorics. Anna was invited to join the International Comfort Congress Organising Committee in 2020 to represent the thermal and clothing comfort research topics.

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Prof dr Peter Vink loves comfort research. Research to improve car seats, aircraft seats and hand held devices is his passion. He is chairing Environmental Ergonomics at Industrial Design Engineering of the Delft University of Technology and works with a great team. He has written more than 250 papers and books in the field of comfort, performance and design of interiors. His book Seat Comfort and Design will be available in April 2023 at It is a follow up to the book Aircraft Interior Comfort and Design co-authored by Klaus Brauer, one of the leading designers of the Boeing 787 interior (CRC Press, Boca Raton, 2011). More info at .

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Alessandro Naddeo is a Professor at University of Salerno (Italy), MD in Mechanical Engineering at UNISA (IT) and PhD at TUDelft (NL). He has worked in, and in cooperation with, many industries in the area of Industrial Design Methods and Product Development, focusing his interests on Virtual prototyping, Design Methods and Human Factors and Ergonomics. His main efforts in research are spent in the areas of Objectivation of products’ Comfort/Discomfort performances and on development of Comfort-Driven Design methods. He was a founding member of the International Comfort Congress Organising Committee, and hosted the first conference that was held in Salerno in 2017.

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Wolf Song is associate professor of Mechatronic Design at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. His main research interests are 3D scanning, 3D printed electronics and ergonomics and their applications in healthcare and mobility.

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